Who we are

In November 2016, the guitarist Wayne Davidian reunites all the musicians to form a forceful rock’n’roll band. Together,
they choose to be called Sharp Treble. Their musical influences range from AC/DC to Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Guns’n’Roses, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Motörhead, Queen, The Rolling Stones and U2.

The spirit of Sharp Treble ?

With its sharp highs and its electric impact, the band is turned towards the future and strongly testifies themes and excesses of its contemporary world…

Our history

November 2016

Early history

Guitarist Wayne Davidian reunites all the musicians to form a forceful rock'n'roll band. Together, they choose to be called Sharp Treble.

December 2016

First records

A first two-tracks single is recorded: Nuclear War / Shadow Of The Day.

January - August 2017

Intense sessions

Intense writing sessions take place for lyrics and music, in order to make a whole album. Meanwhile, two video clips are produced. The band prepares the public birth of Sharp Treble. A will was born.

September 2017

The band is online

The project officially appears on the web. The video clip of Nuclear War is released and quickly reaches about 40,000 views. Many people immediately subscribe to the universe of the band online.

October - November 2017

New videos and songs available

A second video clip is released: Shadow Of The Day confirms and enhances the audience of Sharp
Treble. A whole set of brand new songs is ready. The band goes to the recording studio and starts the
making of the first album.

February - March 2018

New single and album

In february, the single Nuclear War / Shadow Of The Day is released on CD support and becomes available at Record Planets in the city of Liege. In March, the album is completed, produced by Wayne Davidian, recorded at the famous Studio 5 in Liege.
The band obtains its first contract with a Belgian label.

April 2018

Building a City

A third video clip is released, The Programming, to announce the coming of the brand new album. Building A City, as it's called – is available on the main web sites (Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, iTunes, ...).

June 2018

Album on CD

Building A City, the first album of Sharp Treble, is released on CD support in the main Fnac and
Media Markt shops of Wallonia and Brussels.


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Building a City

Studio Album - April 2018
  1. The Illusion / The Escape
  2. The Highest Self
  3. Shadow of the Day
  4. Patience
  5. Signs of the Wild
  6. The Programming
  7. Nuclear War
  8. Future
  9. The City

Nuclear War

Single - September 2017
  1. Nuclear War
  2. Shadow of the Day

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Liège, BE
Liège, BE


La Légia



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